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The Right Time To Make Your Move

Conversational Hypnosis
All these posts could have get you the basics of what to do (If you had actually tried it in the real world) if you had the plan of hypnotizing one covertly! But do you know when to actually make your move? Is there

actually a time called "right time" to make your move? To answer that, ponder these questions - Do you have emotional ups and downs? Do you feel like you are at the top of the world and the on the next moment feeling down? We are all emotional creatures living in the mask of rational - analytical living beings. 

What does this has to do with making your move? Read further...

Everything is connected with the other. You could apply something that you learnt in a field to a completely different field and get results. Some business people use Gambit (Chess) move in their business to defeat other companies. (I am not gonna teach you how here, may be in a different blog, so for now, just take the analogy). Even the Algebras have some use in your real life!!! (Yeah I was shocked too when I discovered it). So here the field that is going to help us knowing when is our time for the move is "Body Language".

Body Language 

So here in this post, the information given will kindle your interest in the field of analyzing people on your first sight. So from now on you're gonna instantly analyze anyone you see on street, mall, theater or anywhere and instantly find out whether they are feeling positive or negative. This is the most basic as well as important step to notice in body language. Based on the main category of whether the person feeling positive or negative can only allow us to find further more about that emotion. Say for example, if a person is feeling anger about something, then that is a negative emotion, and you can know that only if you know how to identify negative emotion (unless you get a punch in your face from that person, you need to know body language to get it). 

Covert HypnosisIn the olden times, cavemen use to hide from their enemies or surrender to them to avoid fight, by making themselves smaller as much as they can by folding their arms and legs (Negative Body Language). While the courageous cavemen make themselves appear as large as they can (Positive Body Language) by standing tall, widening their legs, extending their arms on their sides (please don't mimic these languages on your date to appear confident, it didn't workout). 

Our brains are evolved but still those behaviors are hardwired in our brain and thus those body languages are almost automatic to our nature. If we feel negative, we use to fold our arms and let our chin drop whereas if we feel so freaking good, we chin up, push out our chest, and if seated we occupy large space by extending ourselves.

I am not going to point out each and every sign because that won't serve our purpose here, but when you begin noticing the basic two signs, you will know when to make your move. 

Making Your Move

As we discussed early, we can make anyone to do anything by the Pain and Pleasure principle, if we know the right way of doing. We are driven by either to attract pleasure, or to get rid of pain. So when you notice positive body language from your subject, then that should be your move to introduce suggestion. See more on Suggestion here

In order for your suggestion to work, your subject should be receptive! So find out first whether the subject exhibit positive body language before you make your move! 

In a nut shell,
  1. Form Rapport
  2. See for positive signs of body language
  3. Make suggestions

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