Saturday, 23 February 2013

The seven aids of manipulation in Covert hypnosis / Conversational Hypnosis

These are seven strategies in Covert hypnosis / Conversational Hypnosis, which are used as the basic tools in manipulating people. 

Learn these strategies to avoid getting manipulated or make others to do whatever you want them to do.

Strategy 1: Losing your possession

If I told you to go to gym regularly for a month and if you do so regularly by the end of the month I'll grant you $1000, then the probability of you going to the gym is 50%.. okay may be 60%.
Losing your possession - Hypnosis & NLP
But if I take that offer back and warn you by saying, "I'll take away $1000 from you bank account if you do not go consistently to the gym for a month", then the probability of you going to the gym is 100% certain.

So if you create a fear of losing something in the minds of your subject, then they will accept your offer in order to not losing their something.