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Embedded Commands

Embedded Commands are commands that are well hidden in a statement. In covert hypnosis this Embedded Commands plays a major role. Actually Conversational Hypnosis is incomplete without the implementation of Embedded Commands. All I am emphasizing is to make you not be fooled by its simplicity nor to make things sound weird.

Embedded Commands in Covert Hypnosis
These Embedded Commands deliver messages to the conscious mind (as obvious) and some message to the Sub conscious mind. The messages getting delivered in the conscious mind seems to be normal and that is why you won’t get a chance of getting caught while using this technique. But if you use it as a beginner without much experience, then you may sound to some as talking weird. There are also messages getting delivered to their sub conscious mind, which is the powerful part, and based on those messages your subject will act like as though it was their own decision to be acted upon.

Voice Modulation

Voice Modulation in Conversational HypnosisThere are ways to make Embedded Commands more powerful and one of which is Voice Modulation. We occasionally modulate our voice based on different emotional state. We talk louder when we are stressed, softer when we are compassionate, slower when we are tired and so on. This kind of modulation (variation between statements within same sentence) should be used when are applying Embedded Commands.

For instance following statement is an example which was spoken with a person to make him like you/feel connected with you. Bold words are meant to be spoken with a modulated tone.

“I wonder what makes people to have the feeling of connectedness in each other. A friend of mine was telling that when he feel the connection it will be like a light that surrounds the two person. I imagine it will be like you feel this [Anchor] and you can feel this connection years from now.”

The above statement may sound like an ordinary statement to the conscious mind. But it gives strong commands to the sub conscious mind such as,

“have the feeling of connectedness”
“feel the connection”
feel this [Anchor]” [if you are not sure what an anchor is, then click here]
“feel this connection years from now


Pausing in Conversational Hypnosis
Pausing is another way of making the embedded commands to be more powerful. Just give a pause before the command and after the command to make it clear to the unconscious mind that these commands are different than the other statements and have to be noted.

You can use either one of them or use both voice modulation and pause to make the embedded commands more powerful! But remember not to sound weird.  

If you use both voice modulation and pause, then it will be like,

“I wonder what makes people to… have the feeling of connectedness… in each other. A friend of mine was telling that when he… feel the connection… it will be like a light that surrounds the two person. I imagine it will be like you… feel this [Anchor]… and you can… feel this connection years from now.”

When you practice in the beginning, embedded commands may seem to be awkward and pointless. But as I told you earlier, don’t get fooled by its simplicity. There are many courses in this field itself to master this amazing strategy. When you become good at using embedded commands, then you will see how quickly you make people to comply with you.

Points to make embedded commands powerful

  1. There must be at least two embedded commands in a statement to make it more powerful. The more, the better. But remember, its covert hypnosis so remain covert.
  2. Your command must not only be in terms of action but also reach the emotions.
  3. Prepare before you proceed.
  4. The commands should be commanding and not requesting.
  5. Three more things, practice, practice and practice. 
Have fun! You have any doubts or anything to share? You know what to do. 
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