Saturday, 23 February 2013

The seven aids of manipulation in Covert hypnosis / Conversational Hypnosis

These are seven strategies in Covert hypnosis / Conversational Hypnosis, which are used as the basic tools in manipulating people. 

Learn these strategies to avoid getting manipulated or make others to do whatever you want them to do.

Strategy 1: Losing your possession

If I told you to go to gym regularly for a month and if you do so regularly by the end of the month I'll grant you $1000, then the probability of you going to the gym is 50%.. okay may be 60%.
Losing your possession - Hypnosis & NLP
But if I take that offer back and warn you by saying, "I'll take away $1000 from you bank account if you do not go consistently to the gym for a month", then the probability of you going to the gym is 100% certain.

So if you create a fear of losing something in the minds of your subject, then they will accept your offer in order to not losing their something.

Strategy 2: Beliefs are beliefs

If you believed in something, then you will filter out any other information that is against that belief.
You do not look for information that dis-confirms your belief.
No matter how wrong you're informed about your beliefs, you will search for any information that validates your beliefs. It is easy for someone to assume themselves that they know about something rather than to admit they don't, because the latter will put them into a position of learning something new against their existing beliefs, which is very hard to do.
So whenever you try to manipulate someone, don't try too hard to create beliefs that are against their belief.

Strategy 3: People don't know why

Don't ask people why they do things, because they don't know themselves why!
People do things based on their values and desires created by their unconscious mind.
So whenever you try to make people do something, try to avoid reasoning, rational mind interference, and communicate with their unconscious mind.

Written statement - Conversational Hypnosis Strategy 4: Written statement is more powerful

When you want people to stick with their decision ( your desired action ) then make them to write it down.
Written statement is more powerful than mere decision making or oral statement.

Making people to create a written statement will make them more involved.

Strategy 5: People cannot think

I bet if I know all your values, then I'll be able to make you do whatever I want you to.
"Values are everything in decision."
So know the values of your subject and help them make their decision, either by showing the fear of losing their valued thing, or showing the pleasure of getting more of their valued thing, or showing both.
Assist them in thinking. Everyone hates to think!

Strategy 6: Get their agreement

People cant think about future! Many futuristic plans will be contradiction to one another. Its confusing!
So try to move what you want them to do as a future event, so without much thinking you could hear "yes" from them today.
Agreement - Covert Hypnosis
Moving their to-do-list to the future will create a relief in them at present, so they won't think anything wrong to say "yes" to you now. Because of this commitment in present, there is increased chance of doing that thing to you in the future.

Strategy 7: Contradiction comes in the way

When people are in a controlled situation to do something, then chances are high that they do the opposite.

The person who lost ten pounds will more likely celebrates that with Milk shakes.
The person who opens retirement account will be more likely to invest in something expensive like buying a new car. 

The unconscious mind don't like to be chained! So when tying to convince your subject don't say that "this is the only option", rather communicate in a way like, "this is the best option".

These are the seven important tools in manipulation. There are many others, which we will cover in the future :) 

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  1. is over the phone hypnosis possible to affect seniors to lose finances and become verbally voilent to other family members trying to help them

  2. You can make people to do anything. People say, you cannot make them to do things against their morals. For instance, take a gun and kill a friend of him. But you can trick him to think that the gun he is holding is a fake gun, and when he pulls the trigger, he will see beautiful birds coming out of it, blah blah, and make him kill a person. This is just an example! Keep in mind that if you do good, then you feel good deep within you.