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Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize Someone! Part 5

This is the fifth part of the mini series Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize Someone! 

If you have not yet learned the strategies given in part 4 of this series, then here is the link for you, Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize Someone! Part 4

Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize Someone! Part 5

Value System

"Everyone will choose to do something based on the value of that action."
Every action a person does is because of the value he has over that work. If there is no value for that work, then people wont care doing it. It's not the work they do has a value for them, but the outcome of that work. The outcome of the work may either to get Pleasure or to Avoid Pain.

If a person finds a value in a product more than anything else, then he can't resist from getting it. The value about certain things will vary from person to person. One person finds Lamborghini valuable, but not everyone. Value depends on many factors and the factors are formed deep within the subconscious mind.
Tattoo ArtistThose value determining factors are not clear for anyone to tell. For instance if you ask a tattoo designer, why he chose this profession? Then he may tell that he chose because he likes it, but could not describe more about why he chose? That is because they themselves cannot identify why. The value determining factors are determined in the unconscious level. A child hearing his hero, his father, saying that his dream is to become a president of this company, could create high value about that position in the minds of the child.

If you find the value a person is having, then you have their manipulate button in your hand. If you want a job for instance, then you must know the value systems of the job provider, such as, what he expects from a person in that working position. By knowing what he wants, then you can easily create an image that you are exactly having that quality within yourself.

Find a person's value, show that you are having that quality and get them to do what you want. They will work as per your favour only after knowing that it can fulfil their value. At the same time, if you fail to fulfil their value that you promised to do, then you are in trouble my friend! Because failing to do that is enough to create an enemy.

Value Elicitation

Mass Advertisement
Most of the Advertisers use to show people that they have all the values fulfilled in their service/product that they are promoting. As mass advertisement cannot afford to find individual value about a service/product and try to satisfy everything, rather they collect information about what people require the most out of the service/product, and create an image that their product/service is satisfying most of the qualities that people expect.

How to elicit the value people has?

Surveys in Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize Someone
For Mass Manipulation, the usual system of value elicitation would be asking people to give a feedback or through making them to take surveys.
For identifying Individual's value system, we will be asking series of questions.
The first question would be, "What do you find in X as valuable?"
What type questions
After his answer Y, we can ask, "What do you find valuable in Y?"
We can continue to ask these type of questions covertly to identify exactly what a person wants! In other words, we can ask questions till we identify his values.
Remember that we are asking "WHAT" type questions, and not "WHY" kind of questions!
Because WHY kind of questions will create an impression like arguing, as though you have better opinion than their's.
For instance, asking, "What do you find in X as valuable?", differs from asking "Why do you find X as valuable?"

Also, if you ask WHAT type of questions, then it will create an impression like, you are interested in what they are talking about. This can also be helpful in creating Rapport with the subject.

In the next part, we can Learn more Exciting things about the different types of Value Elicitation methods!
This is the end of fifth part of the mini series Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize Someone! 
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