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Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize Someone! Part 2

This is the Second part of the mini course Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize Someone!
I recommend you to begin reading this mini course from the first part! If you have not read the part 1 of this course then here is the link : Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize Someone! Part 1

Pacing and Dragging

Pacing and dragging is one step beyond pacing and leading, as the former will allow you to lead the subject much quicker than the latter. But for Pacing and dragging you need to create the following factors!


Focus is giving all your attention to one particular thing. If that's difficult for you to do, then there is an alternative for you!
Get rid of all the unwanted things from your mind other than your primary concern, which is your subject! 

If you focus really good then you should get noticed when the subject shows slightest resistance to  follow your lead. 


Try to create an impression that you care for your subject. That will make you to lead them quickly!


Believe in what you are doing is Right! If you don't believe in yourself, then who will?
Belief is the primary factor that communicates in the unconscious level to the subject's mind, that you can be trusted and followed. 

Confidence in Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize SomeoneDauntLet me guess, whom you will follow? 
An expert who's looking doubtful, giving you some advice without confidence? Or, 
A novice who's suggesting you to do things with 100% confidence? 
Who will look like an expert to you in that situation?
Intellectually 25% of you may choose the expert, but emotionally 75% of you will tend to choose the novice. That's the power of Confidence. 

If you can't do these above mentioned things, then assume that you are doing them well! Confused huh?
The key to success here is FAKE IT TO MAKE IT!
So Fake to your mind that you are doing them greatly!

The Power of Physiology

The other tool of NLP in Covert Hypnosis is The power of physiology. Have you ever noticed how your body posture change when you have certain emotions?
When you are sad, then your body will be crouched a bit, head will face down, your eye lids will be not fully opened, your breath will be shallow, and there are many more factors to read your emotion. Similarly when you are happy, then you body will be straight, head will tilt up, eyes will be fully open, you'll have a nice healthy breath rate, and so on.

The reverse technology is what we will concern always about. Got it?
That's right! Changing the posture to create an emotion.
Whenever you are feeling down, sit straight, take deep breaths, face up, open your eyes (beware of this, to do it normally) and you know what? it will be difficult to feel sad when you remain in this posture :)

Whenever you are happy next time, notice your breath rate. So that when you feel down the next time, you can recreate the happy emotion by just matching your breath rate with the same of the happy state.

Whenever you want to create any emotional state of mind, you can do that by noticing your breath rate of that emotional state and matching it with the present one.

This power of physiology will help you to lead others.
What you want others to feel when they are around with you is the feeling of goodness! If they are feeling good with your presence, then you can easily give your tail, make them catch it and follow you!
So whenever you want others to feel good, then make them to sit/stand straight. Make them to breathe deep and tilt their head up.

ChurchWhy do you think some motivational speakers asks their listeners to sit straight before they deliver speech? They say it casually like, "I want you to sit straight and take notes", "Fill up your lungs with positive vibes around here" (this will cause the subject to breathe deeply), "Look at this" (pointing something above the subject's eye level to make them open their eyes fully and tilt their head up). These phrases are used to make the listeners feel good! So listeners will follow what the controller (speaker) says to create a positive change.

Wonder why Churches got their paintings drawn so high? Now can you imagine why you feel a different emotional state in your mind when you are in church?
The physiology of you is one of the reason why! There may be some other spiritual or religious factors that makes you feel good, but this is not a religious post to find them all : )
So keep your posture high and help others in making them Feel Good!

This is the end of Hypnosis & NLP: How to Hypnotize Someone! Part 2

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