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Hypnosis & NLP: How To Hypnotize Someone! Part 1

This is the first part of the mini course "Hypnosis & NLP: How To Hypnotize Someone!" Since it is a detail subject, I like to break it into few parts and publish it in the following days. I believe we are going to have an Excited days of learning the Course in "Hypnosis & NLP: How To Hypnotize Someone!" 

NLP is abbreviated as Neuro Linguistic Programming and it is one of the highly trusted tool for therapists in curing mind related problems. Hypnosis and NLP share similar ground! Both works good when they produce deep states of mind (Trance) in the subject.
Both can be used to Hypnotize someone without them knowing!

Visionary Sense
We all perceive information through our five senses. Other than feelings and emotions, every information we can remember are only structured based on sight, hearing, smell, taste and physical sensation. Obviously these are the senses that involves during external agent communicate to our brain. But still we all perceive different knowledge through the same information we get. Let me get this straight! A favourite song that you hear would not be so favourite to your friend, hearing in the same environment with you. That is because you and your friend perceive things differently even though same information get into your brains. Its termed as perception.
When you learn how people perceive things differently, then you will be able to create their desired perception and manipulate them accordingly.

Pay attention

So the first step goes to paying attention to the subject. If you pay attention to the subject, then you will gather information from subtle things that subject leaks out. You can get their deep desires by paying attention. This will be helpful to you in creating an opportunity for them to get their desire. And the opportunity you create, should be the one that you want them to do.


Mirroring in Rapport
If anyone write ten books about Covert Hypnosis, Mind Control and NLP,.. then seven out of ten books probably covers the topic Rapport. It carries that much importance.
Rapport creates a bond within people. Rapport is not establishing likeness within people, rather its creating a responsive behaviour with a subject. Rapport can be established even among your enemies. Because Rapport is just creating an impression to a person that you are like him or you are similar to him.

Rapport can be established by Mirroring a person. We already covered this topic. So I am going to give you info in a nut shell.
Copy their actions and movements, and reproduce them with a time lag of around 5 seconds, without acting so obvious.
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Remember, Rapport is the reaction and Mirroring is the product!

You can do it vice versa! Create a likeness with a person whom you are talking with. And you will notice that the person will follow your actions and movements without them knowing. When you see any signs of them mirroring you (it will be subtle! so listen) then you have successfully established rapport.

Pacing and Leading

Pacing means that the controller does what the subject is doing (following his actions), then after forming rapport, he does the leading, which is giving lead to what the subject should follow.
We have already developed rapport using the above mentioned step (mirroring), now we need to lead the subject gradually.

Gradual leading development will be like,

Pacing 80%, Leading 20%, then
Pacing 60%, Leading 40%, then
Pacing 40%, Leading 60%, then
Finally Pacing 20% and Leading 80%

Pacing is something like telling things to the subject that they already knew. And leading gives a hint about the unknown.


Pacing in How to Hypnotize Someone
Telling the subject how you feel about something which is experienced together (after knowing that the subject is also having the same feeling about the experience) creates an idea into the subject's mind that, "we both are feeling the same kind of thing", and thus creates an impression that, "we both are similar".


Leading in How to Hypnotize Someone
Leading is started by giving a hint about what the subject should do, followed by giving commands with increased authority of what the subject should do. Remember, you should not lead a person completely! Give at least 20% pacing to them, to avoid losing them. 

This is the end of mini course Hypnosis & NLP: How To Hypnotize Someone! Part 1

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