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Covert Hypnosis: Hypnotize Someone in a Regular Conversation!

Covert Hypnosis: 

How you can control the situation that you are placed in using regular Conversation that are looking absolutely passive but are very powerful. These techniques can change what others think of you and make them act based upon your favour.

If you want to take control of other's life, then seek information about Covert hypnosis. This will make everything easy for you, help you to make the most out of your life and to having better control in all the situations.
Some may think these Covert Hypnosis stuffs as fantasy because of their Power. But they are not fantasy any more!

Let me get this straight! Hypnosis is real and it is approved by almost all the mind related therapists. If you are sceptical about Hypnosis then you are still living in the late 80's. It is used to cure drug addiction, dealing with insomniac, depression, and so on. I cannot emphasize this more; Hypnosis is a Powerful tool for mind.

Becoming a Covert Hypnotist isn't so hard. You can learn it easily.
But all of a sudden you cannot expect yourself to stand in front of a person, say the magic word "Sleep", make them enter a trance state and obey your commands. That's ridiculous. But ironically, Conversational Hypnosis is not very difficult to apply. All you need is perspiration; I mean practice.
We all enter Hypnotic state everyday naturally. All you are going to do is bring that natural hypnotic state into someone artificially.

Wouldn't it be great if you met a beautiful girl, perhaps the girl of your dream and make her admire of you?
Or, imagine yourself in an interview to get the dream job of your life. Wouldn't it be great if you can control the situation and get the job with all ease? and all that in Covert fashion?
Definitely Yes! And all the hard work to learn this skill will be worthwhile.
I will teach you some basic techniques in Covert Hypnosis.
Below are the four Basic tools which should be mastered to become a successful practitioner of covert hypnosis.

1. Read The Person.

Read the person
Listen to the person that you are talking to. 90% of your conversation should be listening. By listening, I don't mean listening to mere words. Listen to all their Senses, Body Language, Emotion and Eye movement. If the person has Eye contact with you, then that person is involved in the subject that they are talking about.
When you begin to read a person, you will read various other factors too that are not mentioned above. So begin Reading.

2. Form Rapport.

While you are reading someone, build rapport with them. If you had rapport with them, then you can gain their trust. They will be more compliance with you and open to your suggestion. To build rapport, you have to copy their body language, mirror that person, match their gesture, and match with their emotional state. Do all these things without acting so obvious. Even listening to them builds rapport. Forming rapport is the important part of all.

3. Hypnotize and Make Them Enter Into A Trance State.

When I say this, lot of people may wonder, "How can I do this?" The answer is simple.

Trance in Covert Hypnosis
Trance is a state that we regularly go in and out every day. Think about this, when is the last time you were busy doing something, that you totally forgot what is going around you? When is the last time you were searching for something that was right before your eyes?
You were in trance at those times.
Trance is simply engaging one's conscious mind in something that makes them forget everything else. It's like absolute focus. Even right now you are in light trance!
When the conscious mind is engaged, then the subconscious mind becomes vulnerable to suggestion. As a Conversational Hypnotist, one can bring trance into someone intently. I'll teach you a good technique to do that.

As you talk to a person, copy their style of speech. Copy their phrases without being obvious. If they are using a lot of visual words, then you too use them. Similarly, if they use sound related words or sensation related words, I suggest you too use the appropriate set of words.

  •  Because if a person uses visual words in a conversation then that person could be categorized as a visual person.
  • Similarly if a person uses sound related words then that person could be auditory person.
  • Otherwise, if a person uses sensation related words, then that person could be kinaesthetic person.

So better select words that suit their personality type. This makes you highly intimate to their subconscious mind, and they will become highly complied with your suggestion. After you got this, fixate the subject's attention.

4. Give them Suggestion - Covert Suggestion.

A Conversational Hypnotist knows exactly when to deliver and what kind of words to deliver when the person is in trance. If you find a person fixed to your subject, then use words that can elicit their imagination, and along with that give some positive suggestions.
For example, start with the phrases such as, "Imagine how wonderful it will be... "Or "wouldn't it be wonderful if... "
If you want a girl to do as per your request then despite of asking her "Can we go to a movie together this weekend?" ask her, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we go to a movie on this weekend?" Do this when she is in trance!
And the best part is, they will agree with you and they will think their reaction is based on their own decision.
These are simple but effective points to know about Covert Hypnosis.


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  2. Thats very nice but the main thing i dont know is that How to know that they are in trance state???? and also what if they wake up when they are in trance state?????

  3. There are some signs to understand that the subject is in trance.
    For instance, the subject's breath will be shallow, and will have all the characteristics of a person who is tired/calm.
    what if they wake up when they are in trance state?????
    You can't do anything.. That is why you have to do the precautionary works and make the subject deep in to the trance so he will remain in the trance as long as you want :)

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