Sunday, 14 October 2012

Basic Covert Hypnosis: Behavioural Conditioning

The main and basic foundation for Covert Hypnosis and controlling people’s mind will be provided by knowing about something called “The Pain and Pleasure Theory”.
Every action and decision we make is entirely based on this PP theory. No matter how random a decision may look to you, it is based on the Pain and Pleasure thing.

Demystifying the PP theory

Whatever action we make, we either do it for getting pleasurable result out of that action or results that help us move away from pain. Consider doing assignments, some people do them for getting higher ranks, and some people (people like me) will do them to avoid getting degraded :)

It differs on perception, and each perception has its own advantage and disadvantage.
  • People doing something to avoid/get rid of pain or suffering, will have more power and intensity in their action, than people doing something to get pleasure.
  • People doing something to get pleasure, will do works thoroughly and to their best, and get best results, than people who are doing something to avoid pain. You may notice this difference among people who are doing a work at the end of their due time and people who are working from their beginning. The former will work to get rid of pain while the latter will work to achieve best results.

A good example for this Behavioural Conditioning is the Pavlov's dog.

For greater depth of knowledge, I wish you to go through these links Behaviour Modification and Classical Conditioning.

How we can apply this fact into Covert Hypnosis and control people’s mind?

If you want a person to act in a way favouring you, then the first thing you should do is to directly ask him/her to do you a favour. When he/she does that, then give them a reward for that. A reward may be an expression of love, or giving them what they love, etc. If you cannot ask them to do a favour directly, then break their action that you want them to perform, into a series of chunks (small actions) and start succeeding from the first chunk.
For instance, if you want a resisting girl to come with you for a movie, then the first chunk probably would be making her to get a free time. Then for the following steps….. ask a dating guru J

What if the person is not doing what you want them to do?
In this case then you must give them pain. Technically, you should stop doing things that they love to get from you, or create the absence of what they love. Don’t take this issue seriously and try to assault or abuse unless you are creating behavioural modification with animals (beware with animals too mate!).

This Behavioural modification strategy is not only applicable for others; you can do this to yourself. You can reward yourself if you did something that will produce good results to you. Or you can punish yourself if you did something that will produce bad results to you. It works greatly depending on the degree of Reward/Punishment you give.


Behavioural modification is the main strategy that greatly influences human (and of course some animals) decision/action. It provides the basic foundation for Covert Hypnosis.

If you Think this Strategy is a so Useful, then I’ll say that it’s just a tip of an iceberg!

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